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It’s almost time for our new son’s arrival and we are super excited for you to celebrate with us.  Thank you all for being so supportive. Our son is so loved already and that is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

Below are a few links for those that are able to attend, and even those that are not. We can’t wait to see you, connect with you and have a beautiful time. Come prepared to take your shoes off, relax and chill as this wont be a typical baby shower…

Our shower is only open to those who received an invite personally from us.

Please make sure to click the RSVP button below.


Phoenix & Martin

Instead of a card, we ask that you bring a signed book that we can read to our little one. This way we can keep it close and share it with our son for years to come.

For the best deals I go to skyscanner and click view whole month.
Please read our story and a personal heart to heart message, as well as to connect to our Diaper fund and specific needs that we would love your help with.
We've decided to keep it simple and register only through Amazon. You can view Items we have picked out, or add a Gift Card.


Location: Houston, TX 

Date: 2.22.20


3131 Timmons Lane

Houston, TX 77027


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